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Tourist Attractions and Items to Do in Costa Rica
Then 9/11 happened. And for people it absolutely was an epiphany. Life was also short to spend the balance of our lives on a treadmill that went nowhere. We accelerated our retirement ideas by nearly twenty years. 
And around another year we sold every thing we owned and ultimately found ourselves in Costa Rica (which, actually, we'd just visited after previously...and on holiday at that !).

Foolish? In hindsight, sure. To go on to a international state where we knew no one, did not know the language and our only publicity was the net? Needless to say, it absolutely was stupid.

But...we liked it, also in spite of the fact that living here was very different compared to the publications represented or the internet showed. We rented a tiny house about an hour or so outside of San Jose in a residential district which was rural, espresso country and yet still big enough to have a hospital and within 45 minutes of the main airport.

And we obtained land...and we developed a tours costa rica. And fortunately, Rhonda had the personality to deal with the neighborhood contractors, although we didn't realize much Spanish. I however kept a type A and the manana perspective went me crazy.

And a lot of the true property and structure organization was not at all in just about any "how to..." book that individuals ever found. And we definitely built mistakes. But fortuitously they didn't damage people TOO much financially. And we asked lots of issues and we discovered, over time, how the actual property industry performed in Costa Rica.

And we determined that individuals wished to let others know what we had to understand the hard way. We began a real-estate organization whose sole aim was to provide homes which reflected prices that people paid...because there is a two level property industry in Costa for "gringos" and one for Ticos (locals, as Costa Ricans contact themselves).

Because there are very few rules or regulations for real estate here, our "publicity" of the marketplace didn't produce people very well-liked by other real estate people. (remember, Costa Rica is just a VERY little country...about how big is West Virginia or Houston). So our site didn't just endear us to local brokers who were used to receiving whatever rates and commissions they thought the traffic might bear.

And gradually we started to acquire a reputation...admittedly, some was excellent, some bad...depending upon who you written to. And we began to have publicity...unsolicited publicity from publications like Newsweek and Investors Business Daily. And our organization grew. And became some more.

As our organization became we began to meet up more individuals from Costa Rica...some powerful, some not... some quality, some not. And we turned confronted with additional forms of investments that were absolutely foreign to us. And we realized who really "controls" the country and which people control investment money and have the influence to create policy. To demonstrate how much of our training was "coincidence" (and I know do not believe in coincidences... I think which they happen for a reason) our next attorney was presented to people simply second hand at a local getting; "coincidentally" his wife was from Minnesota...Rhonda was then asked to a regular gathering of "gringas", which married Ticos 35-40 years back and who've now ALL become very significant ; e.g., Minister of Fund; Minister of Agriculture and two other former case members.