Medium Psychics - How Are They Different From Ordinary Intuitives?
Good question! Quite simply, a medium is an intuitive who purports to communicate with the "other side". Inside other words, they hook up with, and contact those "living" in the spirit world, or at minimum those who are no longer in their physical body. While mediumship is unquestionably an art, and ability that can be honed, developed and refined...... more often than not, in OUR experience, it's usually something that you is BORN with, rather than cultivated from scratch. (like a medyum  of other psychic capabilities can be)

Totally not, no. The truth? Merely a very small subset of psychic readers have this unique talent, and it's the #1 thing that keeps many mediums in SUCH high demand. (especially the elite ones) Since a matter of reality, I've had some psychics, even good ones, tell me they didn't even BELIEVE that mediums were real.... simply because they were unable to get similar success with talking with spirits..: -)

Another good question..: -) Honestly? It really depends. Some of the MOST expensive readings on the planet are definitely going to be those proposed by top notch level mediums. Why? Since it's a rare present. And because, for many of us.... connecting with our loved ones, once they've passed.... is a PRICELESS experience that we are going to willing to pay for.
Our instinct is the little voice inside of us that tells us whether or not to do something or makes you feel uneasy about a situation. It really is that inner tone of voice that is sometimes called our inner child. Have you ever asked yourself las vegas dui attorney avoid listening to your inner voice? The reason why you disregard your own feelings? When this happens we regularly wrap up seeking lawyer with best friends and family - but has it ever happened that they get tired of hearing to the same story over and over again and decide to suggest that you try a medium or psychic? We often seek out help when we disregard our own intuition and do not want to accept the answers that we are given to begin with.