mafia-legends Appnana tips and tricks
This can be a quite simple internet application that lets you generate free iTunes as you are able to later devote to treasures (or different things like Xbox live, Amazon, and virtually all Portable Apps). Appnana features a items system that you make points by trying out free programs limited to 30 seconds. When you have achieved enough items you can spend it on the things above etc.
appnana account generator.jpg

1.Open up your Chrome browser and visit and enroll an account. You'll receive 10,400 Nanas upon signing up.
Once performed, bookmark the site on your monitor by going "Include To Home Monitor" below. It'll turn into an app so you won't need certainly to start Chrome every time.

2.Open up AppNana and faucet the "Get Nana" tab and mount AppNana Sync release a one other offers. The ANS app also songs your offers, which will be how AppNana loans you correctly.

3.Open up ANS and wood in. Leave and reopen AppNana to get 500 Nanas.

4.Complete 2-3 presents by getting applications and you'll achieve over 15,000 Nanas, which enables you to insight a buddy rule for 2500 more Nanas. 
If applications don't register, try different apps. Occasionally it will take lengthier to get approved.

5.Keep on earning details until you have sufficient to declare your AppStore present card in the benefits tab.

6. You need to get a contact with the AppStore gift card signal so proceed redeem it by going to the AppStore -> Featured then search down, press Redeem, and enter your code.

CONGRATS! You have gained you no-cost whatsoever Itunes gift card! You need to use your cash to purchase gems in Battle of Clans without actually having a penny from your credit card!

Before using a buddy signal, you need to obtain 15,000 Nanas. That isn't difficult to do actually; only get any 2-3 applications from the Provide part and you'll be good to go. After done, insight the recommendation signal: B804123 and get 2500 Nanas. Put 5 more buddies, rinse, repeat, and trade for a $10 iTunes gift card! In addition, you get 400 Nanas each day you log in.

If you go on line trying to find individuals to refer you, or people as possible send WATCH OUT for fraudulent people. If these folks inform you that after you enter their code you'll obtain 100,000 nanas; it's NOT true. You can't hack limitations, you can't area limitations and you cannot modify codes.

Appnana is host sided indicating you cannot modify the client (Appnana) and allow it to be stick, if you find some "hack" that changes your nanas to 1,000,000 the only thing affected is the client; so you could see 1 million nanas, but that does not mean you really have them.
Bottom-line, there's no way you are able to "cheat" to improve your nanas.