Beginning Life in Moscow
To begin I thought I'd share my thoughts on the mind figure you need to embrace to be able to get such a thing done for you by Russians, whether it maintain banks, work or by buddies; and it's less of a mind frame as much as it's an order. To get anything performed, such as a crappy 1970's door, force the soft issue till it pauses then end it's damaged shards across the room as generally speaking, NOBODY wants to complete anything. Now this might come as a shock as (again not sarcastically), generally the European people are as freely helpful and wonderful as any a persons you'd like to meet, these virtues but are usually counter measured using their culturally instilled propensity not to participate in anything perhaps not price their time. Therefore my first bit of advice is to help make the task (transferring income, sorting out book, breathing etc) worth their time by simply whingeing SO MUCH so it becomes too much of an issue EXPATS IN MOSCOW to do. You may well be thinking, "awww maaayyn, this person is just ranting, exactly what a tit", but really, this is actually the foremost helpful piece of advice I can give you in my own experience up to now and is susceptible to modifying ie. me learning the language later.

This process requires the beauty of complete ignorance that is dramatically more of use if you're really beautiful. Essentially, release an extremely poor, unrelenting torrent of garbage Russian, basically detailing what you want around and over and over again (delete one'over'if you're really hot) to the individual in question. This may advise claimed barman/bouncer/child together with your wallet that you're a nuisance and you aren't planning out therefore publishing them from their guise of apathy. Work done. Appreciate your pint.

I call this the slimer partly because it requires sticking with people though remaining natural and also because I'm one of this sort in a'Dastardly from Goofy Races'sort of way. In that vein, I was luck enough to be matched with a roommate who speaks equally British and European and who, for the initial several hundred trips into the guts at the least, has led me through the hard/medium and easy areas of daily life. Often I allow him to look after the simple material to permit my internal stubborn Russian to breathe needless to say, solely for social purposes.

OK great and simple that one, especially when you're working with people in an identical condition, but when perhaps not you can pick up one of these simple convenient ex-pats at bars in the guts, I obtained mine from Waitrose. Essentially, you will have to become acutely alert to who about you can talk English, type allegiances using them and use pack thinking to cost your unwitting opponent with combined broken European, disarming corny grins and the truth that you know the Queen. All hail the Queen, she includes a use after all. The Bra touch comes from the fact if there are ladies in your party, this may lubricate things... never to be dirty or anything.