It really is easy to describe that intention. More retailers you protect right through your sales associates, more revenue you can expect. Though you are able to access the retail shops ultimately, through suppliers, still it is way better to have primary contact to the market.

We see that the purpose is to obtain the healthy strategy between price of employment, training and support to how many income associates from part and achievement of budgeted revenue volume on the other side. This can be a normal problem of the FMCG firms that provide an enormous level of a broad portfolio, which sells fast, through branched network of shops, which can be just about thick distributed, through the geographical industry area.

Assessing industry universe is the step of obtaining information of retail outlets in the given market. That survey involves standard information collecting, estimate of sales and potential, size of store, visit volume of customers, distanza km.

You will see some sites that you might want to skip from your course planning. It is very difficult to protect all outlets in the market. In some limbs, where there is the small number of stores it may be possible. But for a FMCG company with tens of thousands of sites, it is more practical to skip the best level of shops from the option planning.

Alternative is placing of visit volume for the outlet categories. Here you use the Pareto principle. Because the most of company's sales originates from the somewhat few retailers, they deserve the greatest visit frequency. Therefore, style of visit frequency might seem like:

After classification of sites and placing of visit volume, it's essential to assess the common time used in outlet for normal activity. On top of this you estimate other time, e.g. operating time, etc. Finally you've the number of individuals that you require for the best outlet world coverage. Obviously, this may be expensive, just in case these revenue representatives can not right justify their number and thickness on the market, through the raise of sales.

Thus, you must focus on minimal amount of sales people. If their factor to the business enterprise is validated, then the number of sales representatives can be improved gradually. It is the greatest to re-asses and strategy income power layout through the Annual Organization Planning.

ABC Course Planning must be done gradually. Expansion of income power should come in phases. Within each period it's required to get step-by-step in revenue, gain and industry share, to be able to warrant the next step.