How To know if Multivitamins from Amway Global are Ok To Take
There are three main questions you should ask yourself before considering a multi-vitamin. Once you get the answer to those questions you must ask yourself if they are worth taking. Make your own conclusion after reading this article.

1. Is a Multivitamin of any value?

* A study done back in 2000 by the American Dietetic Association stated that 1/3 of adolescents get less that 75% of the minimum daily requirements (food pyramid). Another study by them took two groups of 13 year old boys, 1 group who took multivitamins and another that did not take multivitamins. They then followed them for 8 months. They compared both groups nervous system and brain growth. The results were that the boys who took the multivitamins had a significant increase in non verbal intelligence.

* Another study done by The American Dietetic Association done in 2007 found that a large portion of older adults do not consume adequate amounts of nutrients from foods alone. As study was done when some were given multivitamins and they were rechecked later. The results showed that 80% just met the minimum guidelines of food pyramid. This shows that despite supplementation 20% still did not reach the min amount needed to prevent deficiency diseases, let alone chronic diseases. During this same study their DNA was evaluated at and they found that those who were not supplementing had DNA that looked similar to that of one who's had been damaged by x-ray radiation.

* DNA is crucially important because it is the center of all cells and directs their growth. Deficiency results in damage to DNA because the enzymes in the body that repair DNA need nutrients in order to work well. This can be compare to taking the cap off of a valve in your car engine. You wouldn't notice it right away but if never fixed you would see issues with the cars performance down the road. In life you only get one care.

*Conclusion: Yes, Multivitamins are important. Simple supplementation will lead to improvement in health and increase in longevity at a very low cost.

2. Are fruits and vegetables important?

* An EPI study done in Spain by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 concluded that a high intake of fruits and vegetables is associated with reduced mortality. Which means if you have a high intake of both you have a better chance of living longer. Remember that the min is 7-9 servings per day.

* Another study done in 2007 concluded that only 27% of all adults are getting 3 or more servings of fruits and vegetables.

*Conclusion: Yes, fruits and vegetables are VERY important, especially with it is associated with reduced mortality. Also over 73% of adults aren't even getting the minimum required.

3. Is a deluxe Multivitamin w/ Phyto-Nutrients worth it? CBG Oil

· Lycopene is a phyto-nutrient. Studies suggest that there is an inverse relationship associated between plasma Lycopene levels and Lung Cancer risk. As intake of Lycopene goes up lung cancer risk goes down. Fact: Lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer in the USA.

· A study done by European Journal of Cardiovascular Preventative Rehabilitation in February 2008 looked at the importance of antioxidant vitamins that came in supplement form and its correlation to risk of Coronary Artery Disease. After doing a Meta-analysis (putting info from multiple studies together) they found that increase in antioxidant vitamins to a reasonable level prospects for reducing risk of Chronic Heart Disease.

*Conclusion: Yes, Multivitamins with Phytonutrients are worth it!
Research provides overwhelming evidence about Three Things:

1. You need basic Multivitamins

2. You need more fruits and vegetables in your diet

3. High amounts of Phyto-nutrients and Antioxidants can be beneficial for your health. Healthy DNA leads to healthy cells and that leads to a healthier you!

The Science of Concentrates, Phyto-nutrients and Selling Amway Global's Nutrilite
From the Words of Bill Dombrowski, Manager of Amway Global's Nutrilite Brand Experience

*Nurtilite Controls the quality for seed to finished product (unlike the competition)*

There is an entire process where Amway Global's Nutrilite actually concentrates the nutrients. Ex: The orange has vitamin C. Not only that but it has Phytonutrients like Bioflavonoids as well. Nutrilite harvests to get to most of all into the supplements.

Bill Luke, Manager of Nutrilite Research and Development

The difference between Amway Global's Nutrilite vitamin supplements and others is starts with the fruit itself. Nutrilite has done research which indicates when the optimal time to harvest the plants for best results is. Since Nutrite controls the whole process, they pick the fruit at that particular time. 

What makes Nutrilite Vitamins so special during its process?

* Amway Global's Nutrilite uses a chromatogram() that shows what phytonutrients are in each fruit and how much is in it.

* One of Nutrilite's Fruits and Vegetables Supplement has the phytonutrient equivilant of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Remember: the minimum is 7-9 servings according to the pyramid.

* One of Nutrilite's Double X supplements has 22 different vitamins and minerals in rich combination of concentrates with over 20 different plant concentrates.