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Nevertheless Specialized officers who are designers are given ante-date in seniority of a couple of years for pay and promotion compared to other officers of the IAF. This is because to attract the perfect skill in the complex field.

Officers following offering as Traveling officers for 36 months are promoted to Flight lieutenants. This is comparable to Chief of one other services. Nevertheless becoming a substantive captain the officers must move a departmental examination referred to as Promotion Examination'T'This examination includes papers in Common Knowledge, Staff responsibilities and Qualified subject. An official should secure 50% to move that examination.

On completion of six hears of full company an official of the IAF is awarded the substantive rank of Squadron head or Major. This can be a much cry from the earlier promotion plan when an officer turned a substantive Squadron Chief after 11 decades of service. Floor work officers were earlier in the day offered as Squadron Leaders after 13 decades of service.

To go further up in the hierarchy all officers must go promotion examination C. This again contains documents on Recent affairs, Air Energy, Air Force Law and General Support training. An official becomes a substantive side commander or Lieutenant Colonel following 12 decades of commissioned service.

Campaigns as much as the rank of Wing Commander are referred to as time scale promotions. But over this rank all campaigns derive from seniority and merit. An officer of the soaring Branch can be qualified to receive concern to the rank of Party captain or Colonel following performing 16 years of service. Soil duty officers who're low flyers will soon be regarded for Group Captain Position after 18 decades of service. He'll face what is recognized as promotion Table number 1, that will be presided over by the AOP (Air Officer in Cost personnel). Consultant officers of the worried branch are co-opted as customers afcat online 2018 this campaign board. Like for specialized officers, the AOM (Air Officer in charge Maintenance) is co-opted as member.

Number 1 promotion board is convened after each year in the month of April/May. Eligible officers following due concern dependant on their service credentials and annual confidential reports is going to be considered for the position of Party Captain. Generally the final 10 years ACR's (Annual Confidential reports) are thought and the average worked out on a 9 place scale.

Officers who have added service qualifications like staff college, Qualified Traveling Instructors Program, Extended Defense Administration class are made additional weight age. The board may apparent several officers for campaign to the position of Party Leader depending on the amount of vacancies available.

Subsequent campaigns to the position of Air Commodore and Air Vice Marshal come under the purview of the No 2 Promotion panel of which the Vice Primary may be the presiding officer. The AOA is in attendance. The table can consider the final a decade ACR's as well as support qualification like command of a side or station. All recommendations of the promotion panels (1 and 2) are put for acceptance to the Ministry of Safety, that has the last state in all matters of promotion.

Usually all officers are believed for campaign for 3 campaign panels, and next face the concurrent campaign board. 25% of vacancies are reserved for concurrent record officers. Officers that are bypassed for campaign in all panels are made the full time scale rank of Class Chief following 25 decades of service.